September 9th, 2019

UKLL Board MeetingUKLL Board of Director’s
Meeting Agenda
Monday, September 9, 2019
In Attendance: Jenn Weiden, Danny MacShane, Jeff Hocker, Anna Patterson, Special Guest:
Ryan Raschein
6:30PM – Baker’s Cay Resort
6:45pm – Call to Order
6:45pm – Recognition of Guest Speaker, Ryan Raschein
• Discussion on Fields, Monroe County – Discussion stated because the green
space has not been suitable for the kids to practice. Ryan got on the phone
with Roman &
• Fields need to be crowned so the water can drain.
• Replace sod. Followed Up with them every Monday. All things are a go. Working
on it this week to get the soccer area ready to soccer. Cut out sod and place
and move to Rowell’s.
• Thinking of working with Action Sod that carries – Empire Zoysha — affordable
and less maintenance. Does need a sand base – 3-6 inch sand base.
• If we can get a group of volunteers at KLP when they are there so that the
volunteers can inform them of how to lay it/how high/height/etc. The batting
cages will be done at the same time. They have enough clay to build out the
field. 3-6 inches for a good base.
• The county is getting their bids counted for this – if all is ready by Oct 1
everything that needs to get done will be budgeted. If we get everything in to
the country by October 1st, we can then get it working and done hopefully by
Dec/Jan to be ready for baseball season. Formal plan in writing for both KLP
and Harry Harris to that we can get it to Roman on time before October 1.
• Light at both parks need repair/help. Lights at Harry Harris are super high on
the list, so we want to ensure that lights at Harry Harris are a priority. (60
lights at $400 a light??!!- look at cost comparison of different types of lights
• We want to ensure that Harry Harris is functioning because we paid so much $$
last year (over $10K) to get Founder’s Park up and usable in order for us to be
able to use it and there was so much struggle to play there.
Monday, September 9, 2019
• It would open up 50/70 for us with later games for the older kids and have the
14 years olds play.
• Would it behoove us to be an Upper Keys Athletic Association – we used to be a
whole entity, however basketball decided to branch out and so did soccer. We
would have to revisit if having one whole athletic organization for the Upper
Keys is something we can do.
7:15pm – Treasurer’s Report (Holly Holly)
• To be submitted by Holly Holly (absent) and presented by Jenn Weiden,
President — $16,637.16
7:20pm- Secretary / League Information Officer’s Report (Anna Patterson)
• We are going to split off the League Information Officer to its own Seat.
Anna will stay on as the secretary.
• Registration Teaser – Open Registration Nov. 1 – send out teaser right after the
general meeting.
• Discussion on Registration Fees – $99 EARLY / $125 REGULAR — MAY CHANGE
FOR POST-SEASON. We need to get a photo waiver to use pictures.

IDEAS: All Star Sponsorship $3000k in-house all stars and travel team. — Get
commitments from parents and ask them if they are interested in their kids
playing travel ball – $100 additional? More ideas???
• Website Update – dates updated — on website. ASAP
• Notice of General Meeting (Required Annually) – Wednesday Sept 25th, 2019
o Discussion of Date / Location – 9.25.2019 @ Key Largo Park – Pavillion
o Discussion of Board Election – (3) Seats Open — Safety Officer/Fields &
Equipment, League Information Officer AND Player Agent
• Background Checks (Get started early?) – has to be done after the charter gets
submitted to little league international.
7:50pm – Vice President’s Report (Danny MacShane)
• Update on Fields/Lights – we need get list to Ryan Raschein before Oct1 for all the
things that Harry Harris and KLP needs from the County
• Update on KLP Issues – same as above need to get list to Ryan before Oct 1 to submit
to county.
• chronological list of importance of what our needs are and amount of $$ each so that
we can get to Ryan Raschein.