November 30th, 2020

UKLL Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes

November 30th, 2020


Present: Lain, Amanda, Jessica Dockery, Ryan, Jeffrey

Absent: Jessica Bieirmeiester, Auggie, Matt, Crystal

Old Business:

  • Raffle – Lain: RIVA will sell us a golf cart at their cost. Will loan us a trailer. Cost us ~$7k, if will sell 70 tickets at $100 we are covered. Start asap and end at closing ceremonies. Add some upgrades to make it appeal. Needs to be street legal, comes in black in blue. Lain likes black. We don’t have to pay up front.
  • Ryan: come up with additional items. Lauren Dunn checking to see if we can get a Marlins game package. YMCA summer camp. Get more items.
  • Vote: Move forward with Golf Cart = all in favor.
  • Print tickets,
  • Uniforms
    • Names on uniforms: time crunch. 3 weeks turnaround.
    • Pick jerseys and colors ahead of time, print team name and numbers. Then can do names afterwards.
    • Pre-order uniforms
  • Printable calendar
    • Jeff has looked at templates.
    • Review of game calendar.
    • 18/19 dates for games available
    • Possible last game and closing ceremonies end of May before school’s out.
  • Website
    • Coach pitch will be using pitching machines
    • Live by next meeting
  • Evaluations – n/a
  • Sodding status
    • Celebration grass laid down. Good to go in a month at KLP.
  • Laptop – n/a
  • Equipment – n/a
  • Concessions – n/a
  • Pitching machines
    • Need 3 machines (~$1500 each).
    • Need to figure which machines.
    • Next meeting we will decide on machines.
  • Umpires – n/a

New Business:

  • Important dates document passed out.
  • Next meeting: December 8th, 2020.
  • Social media – do weekly posts just talking about getting ready for season.
    • Throw in softball posts. (JD will talk to Bobbi Burson to inquire).
    • JB : please create a poll (yes/no) for softball interest. Age 6 or older (with at least one year of tball).

Minutes Submitted by: Jessica Dockery