March 31st, 2019

UKLL Board Meeting
March 31, 2019 6:30PM Jenn’s House
Members in Attendance: Holly Holly, Danny MacShane, Tucker Jones, Jenn Weiden, Jeffrey Hocker, Josh
Absent: Anna Patterson
Meeting Called to Order: 7:10PM
I. Approval of meeting minutes from 2/20/2019. Danny made motion to approve the minutes,
Tucker second
II. VP Report – Danny MacShane
a. Practice schedule seems to be straightened out, no issues
b. AYSO key has been received for storage at Founders Park
c. Two dock boxes to be assembled in put in place at both Founders and Harry Harris for
chalk storage, etc.
d. Fields at KLP need to be re-sprayed
e. ASAP report needs to be resubmitted
f. Chest freezer needs to be ordered for KLP – Jenn to order from Home Depot
III. Treasurer Report – Holly Holly
a. Bank balance is currently $36,456.44
b. Jenn and Holly to do sales & use tax return in April for March
c. Jenn and Holly to submit Annual Report to state of Florida through Sunbiz
d. Holly to pay invoice from All Things Graphic
e. Brett Ekblom still owes for his sponsorship
f. Jeffrey will email Holly with website to calculate sales tax
IV. Secretary Report – Anna Patterson (absent)
a. Jenn reported that email went out with team/individual pictures schedule
V. Coach/Umpires/Rules Report – Tucker Jones
a. Email reminder needs to go out to coaches reminding them that they need to read the
rules and they must have the rule book in their hand, open to the rule if they approach
the umpire or try to stop the game. The consequence for failure to do this is ejection
from the game. Also need to mention that phone calls after 9pm will not be returned
until the next day.
b. Holly to increase umpire pay to $50 behind the plate and $40 in the field. If an umpire is
forced to officiate a game alone in 50/70, they will be compensated for both positions.
c. Email will go out to all coaches and umpires with the updated version of the local rules
VI. Player Agent Report – Vacant Seat
a. Jenn reported on issue with Red Sox not having enough players on the roster/healthy in
order to field 9 players. After discussion, the board voted to solve all personnel issues by
offering 1 or 2 volunteer players to fill in and level the fielding. If no kids volunteer, the
team without enough players will be forced to take a forfeit. A forfeit does not affect
tournament eligibility as it is still considered a regular season game.
VII. Sponsorship Report – Jeffrey Hocker
a. League should be receiving a check from Facebook and Publix for sponsorship money.
The Facebook money is from when Danny raised money on his birthday.
VIII. Retail Report -Josh Moreira
a. Trophy discussion – it was decided that all teams will receive a “glove” trophy except for
the championship team in Minors and 50/70. Those two teams will receive larger
trophies. Every All-Star player will receive a medal. It was agreed to leave off player and
team names so trophies can be ordered well in advance.
b. Jenn will provide Josh with the information on the vendor we used last year
IX. President’s Report – Jenn
a. Need to order game balls, 10 dozen will be ordered on Monday
b. Need to order chest freezer, will be ordered on Monday
c. Jenn to provide Holly with all invoices for equipment ordered from Amazon and Paypal
(score sticks)
d. Jenn to talk to Jason Catarineau about tax return
e. Tee Ball will be attending Marlins Invitational this Sunday – 30 players and 10 coaches
signed up
f. Danny will reach out to Jamal to find out about promo tickets
g. Holly has bags from Marlins with players’ tickets – need to distribute
X. New Business –
a. All conversations/complaints/conflicts/comments/concerns must be sent to the board
via email. One on one conversations with board members do not equate to a formal
request or complaint. All issues must be documented in writing.
XI. Next Meeting Date – Sunday 4/7/19
XII. Meeting Adjourned 8:45PM