November 12th, 2019

UKLL Board Meeting Agenda
7:00pm – Baker’s Cay Resort
Board Members in attendance – Jeff Hocker, Danny MacShane, Anna Patterson, Melissa Simmons, Jenn
Weiden, Augie Whampler, Ryan Raschein,
Danny MacShane VP:
 Marathon League Info – nothing to report
 Division Ages – Danny and Jenn fixed the age division situation.
 County update – no update
Holly Holly Treasurer:
 Bank Account – $16,587.00 in the bank.
 Outstanding Items – we need to file a form with the department of agriculture because we are a
non for profit.
 Outstanding checks – we have a few outstanding checks from equipment that was not returned
last year.
Anna Patterson Secretary:
 Update board members on website – Melissa will update the about portion with the new board
 Board Member webinar December – we need to watch a seminar, the next time is Dec. Jenn will
email out the reminder for this.
 Once calendar is approved – Anna to put Calendar together and send out.
Melissa Simmons Information Officer:
 Social media update – Melissa to put the age chart on social media.
 Age chart update – Danny to send Melissa the league age chart to update on the site
 Website update – Melissa to check and make sure the website is up to date.
Jeffrey Hocker Sponsorships:
 Sponsorship overhaul discussion/presentation – Hocker created a form of leadership levels
o Collegiate – Listed in the Home Opener Program, plus 2×4 banner of business or
association – Price $199.00
o Major League – ½ page in home opener program, team sponsor 3×5 banner placed in
outfield, shout out on social media pages, and team appreciation plaque – Price $399.00
o All Star – full page in home opener program, team sponsor with 4×8 banner placed on
highly trafficked areas, shout out on social media pages. All star team sponsorship and
team appreciation plaque – Price $599.00
o Hall of Fame – Front and back page in home opener program. Team sponsor with 4×8
banner placed on highly trafficked areas, scoreboard sponsor, shout out on social media
pages, all star & travelling team sponsorship and team appreciation plaque – Price
o Jenn motioned to approve the sponsorship levels. Melissa/Ryan second, all in favor of
the new sponsorship levels. Motion approved.
Augie Wampler Player Agent:
 Registration numbers so far / breakdown of ages – keep track of registrations, so we can see if
we need to level out some of the teams.
Matt Mansueto Umpires:
 Baseball camp update –
 Coaching requirements – create document for email
 Online coaches and umpire clinics – research
 Volunteers get registration discount discussion –
 Concession stand volunteers
 All coaches need to umpire a minimum of 2 games in a different division.
Ryan Raschein Facilities and Fields”
 Update on county progress – Harry Harris is getting the electrical update. The budget for the
SOD came back much higher than was thought. Bid went to project management for Monroe
County and they are trying to get it pushed within the right amount. Scoreboards have been
picked out with pitch count on score boards. Waiting to do updating in KL Park lights and
dugouts as we get closer to season. Plan is drawn up for the tee ball field – it will be near the
cafeteria on the back end – open the side gate and utilize that area. KLS will use it for kickball,
etc. We only need an 8-10ft fence to block the dugouts for safety reasons and also pushing to
get a shade canopy.
 Who do we call at PKS to see who we can all about using their fields for Tee Ball.
 CapX items
Tucker Jones:
 Board to make motion to accept resignation – Holly motioned to accept Tucker’s resignation.
Danny second the motion. All in favor. We all accept.
Jenn Weiden President:
 Board to vote on 2020 calendar – Everyone is ok with calendar. Holly motions to approve the
calendar. All in favor.
 Holiday parade – Danny motions to have us be a part of the parade. Augie seconds the motion.
Friday December 6, 2019 at 7:30PM.
 Middle school schedule – kids have been asked to sign a form to see who is interested. Trying to
see about transportation. Working out the fundamentals about the program.
 Coaching discussion
 Players with disabilities discussion – Danny motions to vote that we start the children with
disability waiver process. Jeffrey to second the motion. All in favor to start the process of players
with disabilities waiver.
 Motion to accept letter from parent requesting player not move up – Motion approved
 College baseball / Marlins discussion – giving the kids an opportunity to go to a UM College
Baseball Game, instead of Marlins.
Next meeting is: December 3, 2019 at Baker’s Cay, 7PM.
Meeting adjourns at 8:10PM