September 30th, 2020

Board members
Jenn Weiden, President | Danny MacShane, Vice President | Auggie Wampler, Player Agent | Jeffrey Hocker,
Director of Sponsorships & Fundraising | Matt Mansueto, Director of Coaches and Umpires | Ryan Raschein,
Director of Fields and Equipment | Holly Holly, Treasurer | Melissa Simmons, Information Officer | Anna
Patterson, Secretary |
Time Item
7:00pm Welcome, Call Meeting to Order
Invitation to Nominate Board of Director Candidates
Report on Condition of League
• Field Report (pending response to request from Monroe County)
• Financial Report
• Equipment Report
Determine Number of Directors to be Elected (Total of 9 Board Members)
Establish Quorum Has Been Met by Membership in Order to Hold Election
at This Time (10 members, minimum per UKLL Constitution)
Open Floor/Mic to Director Nominees’ Comments (2 minutes per person)
Election of Nominees (if Quorum met) or Future Date of Election to be Set
General Meeting Adjourned
(New BOD to Meet, Elect Officers Immediately Following)