May 11th, 2020

UKLL Board Meeting AGENDA
May 11, 2020 | 8:00pm via Zoom
Meeting called to order at 8:06PM.
Invited: Jenn Weiden Danny MacShane, Jeffrey Hocker, Melissa Simmons, Anna Patterson, Ryan
Absent – Holly Holly, Augie Wampler, Matt Mansueto

  1. Call Meeting to Order – 8:06PM
  2. Roll Call / Determine if Quorum has been met –
  3. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes (attached to email) – Jenn motioned to approve the
    minutes. Melissa second. Motion to approve last minutes.
  4. President (Jenn Weiden) to Lead Emergency Discussion Regarding Covid-19 and 2020 Season
    a. Discuss option of starting season over (Summer season) – We have reached out to the
    county to see when we may be able to host organized events. We have not received a
    return call. At the moment organized events/activities more than 10 people are not
    allowed at the parks.
    b. Discuss option of delaying season until Fall – If the county comes back to lets us know
    that the restrictions have been lifted. What is the direction we want to go to? Send out
    an email to see what the response is and maybe we can extend the season past the
    summer. Send out a survey monkey to see what the plan is for baseball families. JuneAug season? What if it runs in to football season, would we want to continue the
    baseball season?
    c. Discuss option of canceling season – we have to see what the county is going to allow us
    to do and when to make sure we don’t overlap other events and things
    d. Discuss option of creating a mini intramural tournament at the end of the summer (no
    season) – we can add this to the survey monkey and see who will be around
    e. Discuss Monroe County Parks & Recreation role in our options
    f. Discuss option of sending out survey – send out a survey monkey to see what the
    interest with the families will be.
    g. Discuss and brainstorm other ideas from board members
    h. Discuss sponsorship status / suggestions – allow for all sponsors from this year to carry
    over to next year and have them not have to pay again.
    i. Discuss registration funds/next year’s fee – tell the parents that we will not refund the
    money because we have already paid for materials and uniforms but there will be a
    $40.00 credit to next years registration
    j. Discuss refund request options if season is cancelled – we will offer the credit toward
    next season but will not offer a refund at this time.
  5. Report from VP – Danny MacShane – nothing to report.
  6. Report from Treasurer – Holly Holly – we have a total of $22,882.00 in the bank.
  7. Report from Secretary – Anna Patterson – nothing to report
  8. Report from Information Officer – Melissa Simmons – nothing to reporrt
  9. Report from Director of Managers and Umpires – Matt Mansueto – absent
  10. Report from Director of Fields and Equipment – Ryan Raschein – Ryan will keep working on
    trying to get an answer from the county. We will have to see when the county will start working
    on the fields as well as they were initially going to start working on the fields right after the
    baseball season was over.
  11. Report from Player Agent – Augie Wampler – absent
    a. Update on Football status
  12. Creation of Action Item List / Responsibilities
  13. Set Date of Next Meeting – next week if we need to, date TBD.
  14. Adjourn – meeting adjourned at 8:35PM.