November 18th, 2020

UKLL Board Meeting
Present: Lain, Jeff, Amanda, Jessica D, Jessica B, Auggie, Ryan, Matt (kind of)
Absent: Crystal
Opening: Called to order 7:06 by Ryan
New business:

  1. Passed around logos – picked a favorite, bottom right, but with silver font
  2. Uniform style thoughts –
    a. Patches can be glued on sleeves
    b. Team name on front
    c. Number on back
    d. No names
    e. Team logo on front, league logo on back
    f. Names depends on time frame. Puts a crunch on time.
  3. Ryan/Jeff working on a printable calendar.
  4. Jeff – website is built. End of week ready to present to board.
    a. Ryan has dates for league events he will send to Jeff
    b. Board page, can make a public piece, can add additional pages.
  5. Can start evaluations in January – weekends.
    a. Discussion of evaluation schedule
    b. Kids need a name with number, etc. Auggie working on it.
    c. All 4 Saturdays. Have them try to make 2?
    d. Have 2 dates for each league. Maybe add a weeknight?
    e. Require coaches to come to evaluations.
    f. Coach pitch usually has the most number of kids.
  6. Tball
    a. Registration
    i. Have free registration but $25 pants/sock/trophy expense
  7. Other leagues
    a. Registration 95 – all agrees. Voted in favor
    b. We can also sponsor kids who can’t afford.
  8. KLP started sodding today
  9. County has decided to do Harry harris next week.
    a. Will laser grade the diamond so it drains
    b. Different sod that sticks faster.
  10. Ask parents to stay off fields til January 1.
  11. Evals can be at Harry Harris
    a. If needed can be friendship and/or founders
  12. League could use a new laptop to use for everything
    a. Jeff will research.
  13. Equipment
    a. Jeff has info in an email
    b. Everything is in the train box
    c. We may be able to get rid of the box
    d. Maybe we can fundraise to build a shed.
    e. Think about how to get a separate fund. Develop ideas for fundraising.
    i. Raffles, gun thing, jetski
    ii. Think about applying for grants
    iii. Have event for opening night
  14. Think about staffing concessions, uniforms, opening night
  15. Board needs to coordinate a schedule to have someone at all fields each week.
    a. Will plan on having board shirts
  16. Pitching machines?
    a. $1000 for a machine
    b. We need 3.
    c. Store in the shelter?
  17. Next meeting
    a. 11/30 7pm at Craigs
  18. Umps
    a. Looking for paid crew
    Minutes submitted by: Jessica Dockery