December 22nd, 2020

UKLL Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes
December 22, 2020

Present: Lain, Amanda, Jessica Dockery, Ryan, Auggie, Matt, Crystal
Absent: Jessica Bieirmeiester

Scheduling – we need to get registration numbers up. Tell people to check FB or the website.
Next dates
• Evals in January (9

th, 16th, 23rd, 30th available)

• Majors, 50/70, minors
• But registration goes til 2/1
• Draft – 1

st week in February (we need a plan ahead of time)

• Need coaches
Facebook post – express what we need for coaches
• They can email the board
• Emphasize team coaching, leaning on asst. coaches if availability is an issue
Recruit coaches (Jeff has coaches emails, send respective coach emails to these folks)
1. 50/70 – Matt
2. Majors – Lain, Jeff, Ryan
3. Minors – Jessica Dockery
4. Teeball – Jessica Dockery
Coaches interest meeting (Make a Facebook post, add website to the post)
• 1/15/21
Facebook – Jessica B: go back to old posts to respond to comments. Parents can check national little
league for COVID response.
• Tell coaches what we want to look for
• Use pitching machine for batting
• Look at how player moves to the ball, etc
• Speed, running bases, pop-ups
• Discussed # pitches, swings
• Need 5-7 coaches per evaluation
• Use both KLP fields
o Pitching, pop-ups

o Fielding, hitting
• Crystal – start generating #’s from registrations
• Give eval pinnies
• Require/strong request coaches for evaluation days
• 1/16 Majors 3-5pm, 50/70 6-8pm
• 1/23 Minors 3-5pm
• 1/30 Makeups 3-5pm
• Have coaches arrive 30 minutes before
• Set up tables at the gate – recruit a subcommittee to work the tables
Facebook post – important to attend evals. Your division only, no mixing
Jeff – tweak Ryan’s flyer and to Crystal and Jessica B.
Someone – Get “The Weekly” to do a cover story to help with interest and registrations
Registration automatically puts kids in the correct division
Storage Unit
• Lain and Jeff reduced the excess junk
• Ordered 3 pitching machines
• We will use regular baseballs for the machines
• Plan 3 dozen balls per team
Put sponsor sheet on website (Crystal, Amanda?)
• $50 each (Majors has 2 per game, minors has 1)
• Matt will recruit for minors
• Ryan: recommend coaches to ump another game (add to agenda for coaches meeting?)
• Jessica Dockery: will talk to CSHS teacher to recruit for ump/concessions
Raffle – golf cart ready, will add UKLL logo as a peel off decal
Laptop not needed – Jeff is using the cloud
Cooler – we will replace the KLP one, Ryan will check craiglist
Ice Machine – we will get a new one for Harry Harris (ask around within community)
Old trophies – JD will make a personal FB post to see if anyone wants them
Softball – push it more, have them register for baseball for now, JB – can you boost the post?

Next meeting is Coaches meeting on 1/15, 7pm. Location TBD?